Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ways To Get More Backlinks

By Glen
Released On 05-23-2007

Now there are always people searching on Google looking for ways to get more backlinks to their websites, and to be honest people try looking for perfect relevant backlinks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but seem to overlook the easy links that they can also get to their websites. This article is going to take a brief look at ways to get more backlinks to your website with some short bullet points but bullet points that get to the point like bullet points should. If you are wondering why people would want more backlinks then it's not necessarily for traffic but more than likely they are looking to increase their search engine rankings.
Forum signatures. Almost everyone who is involved In making websites is part of one forum are another, and it's highly unlikely theirs no follow tags on the backlinks so add your links to your forum signature and your links will show every time you post
Submit your websites to directories for lots of free and easy backlinks
Comment on other peoples blog's, although most comment sections tend to have no follow attributes to links not all of them do and people still feel there's some credit given to no follow links anyways, although I tend to disagree without proof
Create articles and submit them to article directories, you can add your links to the authors comment so if your articles get displayed or published anywhere then you get backlinks
Submit press releases, it tends to be the case you get a link from the site that you create the press release on, but if you also pay for a submission you can include links in the actual article content.
Do something viral, this may also be associated as a type of 'link baiting' which is doing something in order to get people to link to you. Such things can be things that are unique, humorous or down right wacky.
Take part in link exchanges. This is thought not to be as effective as it used to be but it's certainly a way of getting more backlinks to your website.
Create a tool that also includes a link to your website. This is certainly one of the ways that you can get the most links to your website in a short space of time. If the tool becomes popular then you are going to build a lot of links to your site.